My Wife Watches True Crime To Study

My wife loves true crime. I co-host a true crime podcast. We have very different relationships with true crime. Me: I like what I do, but why do people love crime so much? what are we perpetuating about our society with the genre? how are we treating diversity and perceptions of who is a criminal …

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Don’t Unplug, Create Healthy Boundaries With The Internet

Every few months the sponsored advertisements on my news feed feature people who take a break from the social hustle for a number of reasons. Some do it because they are writers for internet news sources and have nothing more interesting to write about, some do it to make themselves seem more socially aware than …

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Another Article About Marie Kondo’s Method

Oh My God Shyloh are you really going to write about Marie Kondo this week? Everyone on the internet is writing about it. Welp, there's a good reason everyone is writing about it.  I read her book a while ago and I really liked the philosophy behind how she determined what stays in your life …

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2018 Reflections for the New Year

I started this blog to write semi-comedic essays about my life, but the last few months have been really hard. While I do have humor I can share with my loved ones about it, it’s been really hard for me to create a humorous concept longer than a tweet, or Instagram story. My Father-in-Law passed …

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Two Hours Without My Phone

I never leave the house without my backpack. In my backpack I carry the bare essentials for my daily explorations. This includes: Personal bullet journalWriting/creative bullet journalNoise cancelling headphonesUSB to A/C power adapterEar plugsFeminine productsSudafed (My ears SUCK and sometimes I need a little help draining things out. Also, doesn’t hurt when I need to stay …

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Pay Your Struggle Forward

After having lunch with my friend/co-worker at the best greasy spoon in town this past week, I was reminded not to be ashamed of my authentic self. Lately I’ve been struggling to balance being my authentic self with taking care of myself. Sometimes being yourself can put you on display in a way you never …

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My Wife Hates It When I Spell My Name With a Dollar $ign

“You’re not Ke$ha!”, said my wife, embarrassed at a rough draft of my website.

Ok, no. She would never tell me I’m not Ke$ha, because she loves me. Actually, even though I want to think that she loves me, she did tell me to stop saying that it makes me like Ke$ha. Then she pointed out that the dollar sign was old ke$ha not the new Kesha who reclaimed her life. She’s worried people won’t take me seriously. I reminded her that when people look at me they usually don’t take me seriously.


Stupid Ways to Die: A Saftey Guide For Thanksgiving

This past weekend I was trying to clear the leaves from my yard. Why would any sane Minnesotan wait to clean up leaves until November? See My Kitten Died: An Other Mishaps of 2018. So yeah, time hasn’t been kind to me.  I learned a valuable lesson this year. You’d think I’d have learned this …

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My Kitten Died: And Other Mishaps of 2018

It’s November so I can start to shit on 2018 as a whole. I never like blaming a period of time. I think it’s a way to detach from responsibility. It also just puts bad energy in the world for the remainder of that time period. Remember 2016? Everyone was like FUCK 2016. We just …

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